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Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t walk without aid and used my scooter to go everywhere including the therapy office.  Now I walk in for my treatment using only a cane! 

Jan Miglioretti

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Located convenient to Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, and Oviedo as well as only 7 miles from downtown Orlando we have a boutique location across the street from South Seminole Hospital.  Our medical grade facials and peels are customized to your needs and are results oriented.  We provide a relaxed and inviting spa room for each client that will take you to relaxation and back all in just under an hour.

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What We Do

Replenish Wellness Center and Spa is your one-stop-shop for replenishing your youth.  Our facility specializes in clinical facials and peels, reflexology, Cool Laser Pain Management therapy, Lypossage cellulite and size reduction treatments, MPS Pain Management and chakra balancing. If you don’t know which treatment you need, we’ll take the time to study your habits and determine the products, temperature, and motion best suited for your body’s condition.

10AM - 6PM M-F, 11AM - 3PM Sat   +1.4074338100


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Meet Our Staff

Being a therapist is just a job for some, but for our staff the healing arts is a calling. Each and every individual you meet at Replenish Wellness Center and Spa is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being. 

I am 72 and still riding a mountain bike.  I fractured my clavicle in three places and my physician recommended I see Michelle Bilsky for treatment.  I also suffer from extreme arthritis.   Therapist Bilsky treated me twice a week for 6 weeks and my injuries healed with amazing speed (my orthopedist was amazed) and I no longer go for shots in my knees for my arthritis..

Dr. Brent Weinman